The delivery of our products are always made ​​directly by us, first with wagons pulled by mules, then by the first motor cars or by ships for customers in the Americas. Today we provide our deliveries by ourselves, or with national and international carriers, ensuring always punctual and accurate service


The customer who wishes to have the absolute certainty of having purchased genuine oil has the right to send a small sample of oil,  about 200 gr. at the ARPAL of Imperia, or at any Provincial Hygiene Laboratory. The costs of analysis will be refunded by us.


A centenary tradition, from father to son, has taught us to know oil. It is our job and we practice it with passion, dedicating ourselves to improving our products. It is our continuous goal to preserve and increase the trust we obtain with genuine and excellent products.


Mail order sales - C.C.P. n. 11840188 - Port paid

The goods travel at our own risk

Prices inclusive of VAT - Express service by courier.