The History

Our firm has origin in the distant 1800 in Oliveto, hill fraction of Oneglia so call because surrounded from woods of centenary ulivi-trees.  These magnificent trees produce the small and perfumed olives taggiasche, typical of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente.

And in this zone that the family Beraldi possesses olive-groves passed by father in child from our ancestors Eugene, Agostino, Francis, Mario to their sons Francis, Giovanni, Eugene, up to today's day to the new levers, to which the same knowledge, passion and love for the oil are handed down.  In this way we aim to offer an appreciated product to the consumers, genuine that the ancient one resounding the know-how and our traditions. Proud to have always gotten the appreciation of the consumers, we can confer upon of some official recognitions:


  • Gold medal in Buenos Aires in 1896
  • Recognition to the 1911 Turin exposure
  • Gold Medal to Alexandria in 1922.

Our firm is also specialized in contract packaging, making available for everyone  to have their own label on bottles or cans; all with our experience and seriousness.